This inspirational album is dedicated to my wife, Gabriele Christiane Sontag. Gabi, youappreciation are the melody of the second song of this album. You are just beautiful and angelic and I love you.

Massive credits to the musicians whose talents and efforts brought about this splendid art. A big credit goes to Nic Balogun-Palmer, the project’s Production Associate.

Thanks to my friends Henok Habte, Gideon Ocansey, Emmanuel Heyman, Harriet Lamptey, Israel Annoh, Nii Douglas Natu, Sethina Amewudah and Pallass Ray Eddie for their support. 

Acknowledgement goes to Theo T-Quaye Snr  and the entire Tetteh-Quaye family for their blessings.

My appreciation goes to Karl-Heinz and Anna Sontag, Till and Lucie Sontag, and Ronja Sontag for their love, encouragement and  support.

Special acknowledgement to Ruth Mabot, our Business Manager in Switzerland.

To our friend Roger Brazil and his wife Susan Dikbas, thanks for your support. Blessings from Nim Sadot to his love, Valentina Bordin for her devotion and encouragement.

Recognition from Alex Windsor to his “piano-brother” Nick Ramm, as well as Marion Blech for their inspiration. Our appreciation goes to Martin Petersen, John Chapman and Alex Carter of The Gallery Bass Merchant in London for managing our bass guitars and professionally resetting our strings especially for this project.

Great sound !!!

BIG THANKS to each and everyone for artistically co-working with me to make this delicate project.

Much love, Harold Haity.

  •     Song Title: Gabriele Christiane

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